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Award contact centre employees for their high quality workThe award season for the rich and the famous has gotten underway. The latest and greatest talent of the music and acting communities are reciving copious amounts of media time and their achievements are being celebrated - lucky them!  All these award proceedings got us thinking…

Host your own Call Centre Red Carpet Awards Night!

Award-quality-performance-in-your-call-centreJust because the Christmas party season is over doesn’t mean you and your team need to hang up your party shoes for another year. Call centre managers are carrying out quality assurance and therefore know what is happening on the frontline; illumination of top quality performance is just as important critiquing average service. Here are 6 great reasons why an awards night is worth a second thought!

1.     Highlight Call Centre WOW moments

Consider the categorical attributes that defines a WOW moment: unexpected excellence, above and beyond service, daily activities, non-incentivised actions and anybody can be the headliner.  There are no airs or graces about a WOW moment, just that someone has went out of their way to do an superb job. When anybody can be the star of the show it is a real reflection of the everyday champions that exist internally.

These moments of brilliance are fantastic because they represent routine service done exceptionally well: they are the A+s of company employee activities; WOW moments should always be celebrated and what better place than amongst their team members, peers, managers and company directors.

2.     Recap on Big Call Centre Projects of the Year

This is a great opportunity to showcase the major projects that have domineered the year. The progress that has been made can be promoted on the night and the impact each project has had. It may give the employees a sense of achievement and for those not involved an insight into the work that was carried out.

3.     Promote Organization Goals

Having a big event with many employees eagerly in attendance is the perfect time to remind staff of organization goals, future targets and a look into the pipeline. Bringing it up in a welcoming introduction would be a positive way to start the night and also when you are likely to have everyone’s attention.

4.     Give Recognition to those who Rarely See the Spotlight

It’s not all about the best motion picture or the leading male. Awards ceremonies are there to acknowledge the often unsung heroes who are carrying outstanding work in the background. While these might not be the most exciting awards due to the niche nature of the work they are very important for those within each category.

Award-leading-agents-to-improve-employee-engagement5.     Award Outstanding Achievement in your Call Centre

They aren’t called awards for no reason – the leaders, experts and high flyers who have been having a great year and been a beacon of light within the company deservedly should be recognized for the hard work and high quality performances they have put in.

6.     Boost Morale with Social Event

In Hollywood the movie awards season brings excitement and anticipation while also being a talking point in many circles, your awards night too can generate enthusiasm if enough effort is put into its production. This is important for engaging staff and having them interested in work related affairs, no more so than in a contact centre.

The day-to-day running of a call centre can is challenging and low morale of frontline workers is an issue that needs constant addressing. Social events can serve to boost morale as well extending team building exercises. The night itself will engage co-workers but in the long run if it is an annual event it may motivate teams and individuals to be on top of their game.

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