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Written by Scorebuddy


Are you confident in the quality of your call centre performance?

For many UK call centres, measuring the customer service standards of their calling team can be difficult. Call assessment usually involves sporadic listening sessions followed by lengthy one-to-one meetings to provide staff feedback. But what happens next?

Quite often, call quality improves for a while but before long cracks begin to appear again. Call centre managers can struggle to identify repeated areas of weakness in their call centre performance and which of their callers are struggling to meet campaign expectations.


Without a consistent and user-friendly call monitoring system in place it can be impossible to assess the call quality of your team and honestly appraise your call centre performance. In addition, without an effective call reporting and reviewing system in place, it can be very difficult to store, share and compare your staff performance data results with the call centre management team.

Scorebuddy's cloud based call centre performance tools offer a simple and effective solution.

Using Scorebuddy's hosted call monitoring system you can listen and evaluate calls using our web-based scorecard evaluation tool. It allows you to quickly assess call quality while inputting your own comments and recommendations, and easily share call centre performance data with your management team.

Key features of the Scorebuddy staff scoring system include:

  • Scorecard Designer – Create scorecards to evaluate and score calls based on your own criteria. The intuitive web-based form makes it quick and easy to input your notes, add additional categories and scale category importance.
  • Score Employees – By simply clicking on the pre-designed web form, supervisors can evaluate as they monitor the call. The Scorebuddy system speeds up the staff evaluation process, improves accuracy and provides instant results.
  • Reporting and Reviewing – View individual or group scores, review and log employee results, assess areas needing improvement and share data with your call centre management team.
  • Data exporting and integration – export data to Excel for additional analysis, download client data for archiving, and import scorecard data to your SalesforceCRM tool.

For more information on improving your call centre performance, contact Scorebuddy on +44 (0) 203 5140415.


Bonus Benefits

With Scorebuddy quality monitoring you get the following benefits as a bonus!

  • Analysis, in depth knowledge and improvement of scripts and processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • A quality Audit Trail for review and as a reference for HR in the event of disputes
  • Better understanding of common customer complaints and concerns
  • General troubleshooting

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