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Performance management is sometimes feared by CSRs“Can you imagine if your agents arrived to work every day on fire? Ready to use that 20% discretionary effort ALL the time…?”

At a recent CCMA Ireland seminar Carolyn Blunt, Voted Most Respected Person in the Call Centre industry in the UK by Call Centre Helper readers spoke about Improving Agent Performance.

Carolyn described a typical scenario in a call centre which most managers and team leaders will have experienced; the end of the month is approaching a particular agent hasn't come close to their target and they are rapidly approaching their desk panicking, the manager is dreading the conversation about to take place... again.

This is Agent A; they miss targets, aggravate customers, lack rapport, waste managers' time and drain their energy, complain that they "will never be as good as x". The manager would be relieved if this agent quit.

Agent B however is the opposite, they are a high performer exceeding their targets, customers love them, easily managed, gives a personalised experience to the customer. The manager is delighted when they approach their desk, everyone would be devastated if they left.

Turn Agent A into Agent B

The impact both types of agent have on the call centre and internal atmosphere on a team is huge. However Agent A can be turned into Agent B through coaching. Coaching is an integral part of employee performance management, apply the Pareto principal whereby the agent does 80% of the talking and the coach only does 20%, like aided self-directed learning. Asking them how they are, how is their performance, getting the agent to listen to their own calls back and grade them, forcing them to suggest what they could have done differently. The agents themselves along with the coach set out goals, it is a partnership not a dictatorship.

Transform under-performing agents


Improve Coaching with Quality Monitoring

Quality Assurance and quality scorecards improve coaching, by viewing patterns in scores a manager can identify where an agent needs to improve, agents themselves can identify this too through reviewing their scorecards. Coaching sessions can then be focused on what needs to be worked on and can highlight those areas they are performing well in. Scorebuddy allows agents to drill down into the detail of individuals, their scores, specific sections and questions, which is really useful to go through during coaching and in preparation.

"Now our Quality Monitoring is not just for measuring, it’s used for coaching, developing and improving staff."

- Louise Fairman, Aktiv Kapital


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