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The success of call centres hinges on the ability of management to continually evaluate the performance of their staff and address performance issues that arise with the staff in an effective and constructive manner.

Monitoring call centre performance with specialist software is the best way to do this. Scorebuddy performance monitoring software for call centres doesn’t just monitor and record staff performance it provides a range of utilities and presentation methods along with an innovative scoring system to make as effective as possible use of the data collected.

Scoring System

The scoring system helps to improve call centre performance by engaging staff with the system. Rather than allowing staff to feel that the appraisal system is a process that goes on over their heads it allows them to be a part of the performance assessment process. They can challenge themselves to improve within the rules of a clear and comprehensive scoring system. The scorecard designer allows scorecards to be customized to suit the specific preferences of a company. It uses a drag and drop system to make customising scorecards simple. Particular steps can be weighed in terms of importance, set targets and highlight points of failure.

Continually refining the quality of service is of key importance to optimising call centre performance. Scorebuddy allows information to be easily shared with agents through the Agent Dashboard. This gives agents access to relevant performance data, scorecards and analytics drill downs so they have continual access to the data that will help them improve performance. This provides for a faster turnaround on fine tuning the service they provide to customers. Detailing agent performance by groups also allows staff to see how they are working together and what measures can improve their team work.

Scorebuddy doesn’t just focus on the performance of staff. Data gathered by Scorebuddy can be easily exported to a wide variety of 3rd party analytics applications so that agent performance data can be viewed as part of the entire business’ performance.

Scorebuddy can grow with your business through modular expansion meaning that tools and applications need only be applied when necessary. The simplicity and cohesiveness of the system means that it can be implemented in a business in less than a day.

Scoring system software for employees in industries like call centres.
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