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Written by Scorebuddy


Scorebuddy is an essential tool for monitoring customer service and managing call centre performance.

Our advanced service offers an effective replacement for spreadsheets and documents by allowing you to score customer interactions via the web. Perfect for call centres of all sizes, Scorebuddy’s intuitive and comprehensive service offers benefits that cannot be found anywhere else!


Features and Benefits

Scorebuddy’s simple staff scoring system allows its users to design multiple scorecards, score its employees and share scores and outcomes. By enabling our clients to design their scorecards with our intuitive form builder, they can significantly reduce time per score while increasing accuracy. Evaluating and scoring emails, phone calls and complaint handling has been made easy by allowing you to customize the scorecard to your needs.

With Scorebuddy you can reduce errors and speed up the scoring process through our pre designed web form. Score employees by clicking the web form for accurate reading and add free text comments or attach files for easier scoring.

No other quality monitoring tool offers such ease of use with such user-friendly interface. Our cloud based service allows our clients to share and communicate effectively online and manage interactions of all kinds. While spreadsheets were once the choice for traditional Call Centres, the growth in online and social media communication channels has given Scorebuddy the opportunity to provide Call Centres of all sizes with the tools to efficiently deal with the growing multimedia nature of contacts.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at scorebuddy.co.uk and avail of our 30 day FREE trial to see for yourself how we can make scoring simpler for you!


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