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Today there is a huge amount metrics used in call centres; first call resolution, net promoter score, average handle time and quality score to name a few.  All of these metrics are adding to the already 'bursting at the seams' information overload that is occurring.  This Big Data can often lead to Big Confusion.

Recording as much data about the productivity and effectiveness as possible is not a great idea. In order for this information to be useful a business requires personnel to analyse the data and use analysis to make better decisions. Call Centres are wasting resources tracking things that won't make a difference to their business if they do or don't. Having huge amounts of useless data reduces efficiency.  Businesses should only focus on the data and analysis that will help them improve their organisation.

With a select quantity of quality data recorded managers can get a clear idea of where the strengths of their business lie, what areas need improvement, which employees are having difficulty reaching their potential and who works well together as a team. Information is a valuable commodity for any business.



The level of computer integration that exists in today's work environment, particularly in organisations such as contact centres, creates the potential to accumulate enormous quantities of information. Just like having large amounts of money, having large amounts of information is not a bad thing but at a certain point it requires focused management to ensure that it does not go to waste.

Organising and presenting such large amounts of information requires an effective reporting solution. Comprehensive reporting for call centre staff entails maximising the potential of the information gathered by presenting staff with accurate, relevant and clear information that allows them to understand how they are performing and how they can best improve that performance.

Scorebuddy's staff scoring system provides reporting for call centre staff in a context that allows employees to quickly see a broad overview of their performance along with the ability to drill down into the data for a more nuanced understanding of their ability along with potential improvements that can be made.

Scorebuddy employs an innovative and engaging scoring system that transforms staff performance evaluations into scores and presents that data in the form of a scorecard. Reporting for call centre staff incorporates a scorecard that can display average scores by individual, group or team. Scores can also be viewed numerically or as percentages of overall scores.

The scorecards themselves can be tailored to suit the particular needs of the company and then further customised for particular sections of the company, by teams or by groups. Comments can be recorded on scorecards and later drilled down through for greater analysis.

The scorecards are designed to provide the employee with as much data as they need to effectively improve their score.  They are not designed to add to the information overload. Personalised coaching plans can be developed and modified as new high quality information is gathered, these plans can be easily accessed by staff through the scorecard.


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