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Written by Scorebuddy


For UK contact centres, monitoring customer service is vital. For both the clients they represent and the customers they contact, customer service is critical. So it's in the best interest of the contact centre to ensure they have a rigorous customer service appraisal system in place. Poor customer service can have disastrous consequences. For the customer, it may mean lodging a complaint, choosing to no longer use that particular service, or telling friends and colleagues about their negative experience. For the client, it could mean decreased sales, fewer referrals and a diminishing brand reputation.

But for contact centres, whose entire business depends on excellent communication, poor customer service can mean an end to the business itself.

This is why stringent and measurable systems need to be in place for monitoring customer service.

Scorebuddy's web-based cloud solution enables contact centres to rigorously monitor their staff's customer service levels. In addition to providing a reliable and easy-to-use staff assessment and reporting tool, Scorebuddy helps improve customer service and increase compliance in terms of quality monitoring within the call centre itself.

Monitoring customer service within the Cloud

From call centre agents' telephone interactions and any electronic communication they engage in, through to all the back office auditing activities of the call centre, Scorebuddy's cloud-based software helps UK contact centres track staff performance across a range of communication mediums.

Contact centres – The software aids in monitoring customer service by scoring, tracking and reviewing interactions across various media. With the growth of online communication between clients and customers, it's just as important to assess customer service levels in email and instant messaging communications as it is to assess calling activity.

Back office processes – It's imperative contact centres meet compliance standards within their back office departments. Scorebuddy allows for monitoring customer service in areas involved in handling customer accounts, queries, complaints and refunds processing.

Software testing – Scorebuddy's reporting and monitoring tools allow quality assurance teams within UK contact centres to set standards, measure results and track and collaborate when testing contact centre software.

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