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Scorebuddy Updates
We listen to our customers, and here’s the proof :). We have developed a number of features within Scorebuddy that came to our attention from a couple of our customers. We thought they were a great idea, and so we decided to develop these features . These are now live and so we wanted to share them with you.

1. New text editor
Add web links to your comments

New text editor

Our previous text editor had a few areas that needed improvement. The interface wasn’t as intuitive or easy to use as it could have been. Adding links to cases or training materials wasn’t possible. We’ve changed that.

This new text editor can be found in the Summary Comments at the bottom of a scorecard and in the Tip Sheet editor.


2. Autoscoring on/off
Admins decide if Autoscoring is enabled

 Autoscoring on/off

Autoscoring was a feature that we had originally developed for our own use. It helped us to test those lengthy scorecards a lot quicker, so much so that we published the feature.

The feedback from customers has been very positive. However, some wanted to be able to enable or disable this feature in global settings.


3. Customers can now restrict IP
Lock down access to specified locations.

 Customers can now restrict IP

Private cloud customers have had the ability to restrict or provide access based on a staff members IP address. We have enhanced the Scorebuddy application so that white listing access from a specific IP location can be done by all customers. Simply add the IP addresses that you want access from in the admin area of Scorebuddy. If a staff member or third party needs access and they don’t know their IP address, have them click on the link: http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and enter the number.

Private cloud clients can now add/remove staff from your white list in real time. Previously, a request was generated to our support team to manually add the address, now you can control this yourself. This process is now faster and gives you even more control over your access permissions.


Analytics Module Enhancements 

4. Tracking feedback or coaching sessions
See at a glance how many recorded scores have been reviewed.

Tracking feedback or coaching sessions

New Report: 3.6. This brand new report was built so that you can review the percentage of feedback sessions out of the total number of scores entered by Evaluators. Each week, month and quarter will display 2 columns (one with the number of scores entered and the second one with the number of reviews performed). The column displaying the number of reviews will be colour coded: green – all results were reviewed, yellow – part of the results were reviewed, red- no scores were reviewed.


5. Report on multiple scorecards
Aggregate Scores across multiple selected scorecards

Report on multiple scorecards

Reports, to date, have been restricted to reporting on one scorecard. We have added the functionality whereby you can now report on multiple scorecards at once where the results are added together to give an aggregated view.
What’s so great about this? If one of your agents has been scored on more than one scorecard (which is often the case), you can now get a broader view of QA performance by aggregating multiple scores from multiple scorecards…. Nifty!


Dick, Paddy and the Scorebuddy Team