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Scorebuddy Updates

We listen to our customers, and here’s the proof :). We have developed a number of features within Scorebuddy that came to our attention from a couple of our customers. We thought they were a great idea, and so we decided to develop these features . These are now live and so we wanted to share them with you.

1. Calibration Section - drop down preview of cases

The Calibration screen retains its look and feel, while this new functionality enables the user to quickly assess the calibration cases that need further investigation. A dropdown preview of these cases now exists so that any calibration differences can be reviewed at a glance. This will improve the user experience by reducing the amount of navigation needed.


- Click on the dropdown arrow


- Displays a preview of the calibration issues


2. Supervisor Dashboard - Result Status

Supervisor Dashboards have been given an extra 2 layers of functionality!
Hover overs
We understand that you will have a large number of scores listed in your Supervisor Dashboard. An issue (that we were made aware of by a customer) was that certain stages of the scoring process should be highlighted in order to make their importance more noticeable.
A popup now exists when you hover over the scores that will tell you what stage the scorecard is at for each Agent. In this release we have especially highlighted the One 2 one meeting requests from Agents.



- Hover over scores to understand what stage in the process they are at.


3. Supervisor Dashboard - New specific Fail all/Fail Section screens

We have created a couple of brand new screens that list all of the scorecards that received a Fail All score, or a Fail Section score. This will enable the Supervisor to work on those scorecards that need more attention.
- Click on the number of "Fail alls"

- This will display all of the Fail Alls in one place. This same same screen is available for Fail Sections.


4. Agent Dashboard - Event Log improvements

As you are aware, the Event log within the Agent Dashboard displays a list of actions that have taken place with that Agent. An icon represented the type of event that took place (eg. Reviewed scorecard, meeting held etc).
We have added an extra last recorded action icon to illustrate the latest action
- (Reading from left to right) These icons represent the latest stage of the scoring process that has taken place.

Other improvements
• Restore deleted scorecards
• Scorecards Settings - Order by Question number instead of Sections
• Scorecards Settings - Hide scorecard from self-score agent
• Print blank scorecards
• Agent can decide to choose between monitor and supervisor to request a 121 meeting
• Creating agents - select only the supervisors that are assigned to the selected group(s)


Scorebuddy has been live since 2012 but we are always developing its functionality. Most of these improvements came from our customers so we would like to thank them for their interest and support.

Dick, Paddy and the Scorebuddy Team