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Out with the old... in with the new

A recent conversation with a customer of ours highlighted to us that weighting scorecards could become a little cumbersome. We thought of solution, and then we went off and developed it!

The old weighting screen was causing some confusion amongst our customers. There would have been some back and forth between screens in order to weight questions as they wanted. We have made the calculation process a lot more intuitive.



As you can see from the image above, we have put everything you need onto one screen. No more jumping to different screens to calculate the weighting!

The old screen would give you a Max Score for the entire Scorecard, this new screen will allow you to calculate the Max Score per section as well as per question.

The calculation for each question/section will now be on the screen in front of you... and will update as you input your figures.


The New Headings Explained

Weighting: decide on the weighting for each question.
Multiplier: attribute a multiplier to that question/section.
Max Score: max score will be the Weighting value multiplied by the highest Multiplier value. (eg. In question 2 above: Weighting value '6', is multiplied by the highest Multiplier value '3' = 18)


This new screen will enable you to create a more precise scorecard, a scorecard that will more accurately reflect the quality of the call/chat or email.


Features of this new screen

  • apply all weightings on one screen
  • calculate a max score per section AND by question
  • calculations will now update on the screen in real time


Scorebuddy has been live since 2012 but we are always developing its functionality. Most of these improvements came from our customers so we would like to thank them for their interest and support.

Dick, Paddy and the Scorebuddy Team