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In this, our latest release (#5.5) we have introduced a couple of new features as well as developed existing features.

New Features

  • New Custom Field Type
  • Root Causes Reporting
  • Time Zone Setting

Have a look, we hope that you will use a few of these features to make your life even easier J.

Enjoy and talk soon,
The Scorebuddy Team



Introducing a new custom field type - Text Input

Introducing a new custom field type - Text Input
In our last release we added Custom Fields so that you could sort results using tags that you create e.g. Territory, Channel, Language etc.

We have taken this one step further and you can now create custom fields that can accept free text rather than a dropdown from an existing list. Now you will be able to add any information to a scorecard so that you can report on that data. For example, if you want to report on a specific incident you can label each relevant scorecard with a name/label and you will then be able to report on that data.


Now you can report on custom fields!

Report by tags We have added the ability to report on these custom fields. This adds another level to which you can drill down so now you can report on any criteria that you want.




New drill down report for Causes in Scorecards (Analytics customers)!

Root causes reporting ROOT CAUSES REPORTINGIn the last release we added root causes at the time of scoring to Scorecards. Customers with Analytics enabled will now be able to report on these causes by scorecard and by section as well as review trends over time. This will enable you to rapidly identify recurring root causes that are impacting customer experience.
These new reports can be found in the Scorecards tab in Analytics (4.7 & 4.8).


Comments and Causes are now available in Reports

comments in report

Any comments or Causes are now included in General Reports and Success Scorecards (if this scorecard is used). Just click on the icon and the comment will appear.




Edit multiple staff details at one time

Multi edit feature
This new feature will save you lots of time because you will now be able to move staff between groups and teams, you can now change their supervisor or grant new levels/restrict other level of access for your agents. Agent Insight users will be able to turn on/off the Survey Widgets in the agents dashboard.

How to: Go to Staff > Click “More” button > Select multiple staff > Click “Multi Edit” button


New Time Zone feature

Company settings

You can now choose the time zone and preferred date format for your instance.

How to: Go to the dropdown menu in the navigation > Click on Settings