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Yep, we can NOT stop developing!

We have made improvements to the compliance module, the calibration module, the scorecards process, the supervisor view as well as the advanced reporting module.

Please find below our most recent developments.

Draft Scorecards

Now you can save the scorecard as you go.

Once upon a time each scorecard needed to be completed in one sitting. But no more… now you will be able to save your scorecard as you go.

This means that if you need to stop scoring (for whatever reason), you can save your scorecard and come back to it later.

If you get logged out due to inactivity, a draft of your scorecard will be waiting for you on your return.

Draft Scorecards give you more flexibility during the scoring process.



agent-history-ssSupervisors can now view agent engagement

A better view of how engaged the Agent really is

To date, the only visible indication that and Agent interacted with the score was if the Agent left a comment.

We have developed a log for the supervisor so that they can now easily see if an Agent viewed the score, requested a 1-2-1 or left any comments.

This will give the Supervisor a better indication of whether or not the Agent is responding to their scorecard results.

- To access this feature, go to the “Actions” dropdown menu in the scorecard and click on “View Agent History”.



compliance-ssCompliance: “N/A” feature

More flexibility for the compliance section.

To date, the compliance section of a scorecard did not have an “N/A” feature.

We have learned from you, our customers, that compliance can sometimes be complex where a simple “Pass” or “Fail” is not enough.

This feature will enable you to capture and assess those answers that fit between a pass and a fail.

Now your compliance report is now more flexible and will better reflect what it is you’re trying to measure.



calibration-ssCalibration Reports

More control over the calibration team.

As you know, calibration is an exercise that is run periodically to ensure that each agent is being scored correctly by the scoring team. To date, this report was automatically shared and could be viewed at any time by members of the calibration team.

Now the Quality Manager can choose to issue the calibration report before OR after the scorecards have been scored.

This will give even more flexibility and control of the calibration process to the quality manager.

- To access this feature, click on the Actions dropdown list (to the right of the calibration list) and select release report.

 advancedreporting SCORECARD

Advanced Reports

Save filters (and lots of time) for Advanced Reports.

This feature was developed for our customers that use a lot of different advanced reports.

Until today, quality managers needed to create a filter for each advanced report. As the heading suggests... this new feature enables the quality manager to save these filters meaning that they can create new reports based on existing filters.

This means that you can create new filters in double quick time.