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Need to boost morale and recognize call center agents for the work?

Check out these 15 easy-to-implement tips for giving acknowledging employees:

1. Publicly Recognize Agent Success

Giving agents recognition in front of all their peers is a great way to make everyone aware of successful behavior and will promote positive reinforcement. If an agent has a question about the celebrated behavior they can easily ask the agent who is doing it really well which adds to peer-to-peer learning.

2. Give 5-star Agents 5-star Prizes

Have 5-star prizes each year which agents can battle it out to win. Prizes like a 5-star holiday, VIP tickets to exclusive events or a new car are fantastic incentives staff would hard to obtain.

3. Create a ‘Lucky-Dip Cabinet’ of Prizes

A cabinet filled with inexpensive prizes is a casual way of gently rewarding and surprising staff for their efforts day-to-day.

4. Use a Kudos System for Everyday Call Center Agent Recognition

A kudos system is not dissimilar to a Star chart which is popular in schools. Agents can earn kudos points based on excellent service, call quality, attitude and going the extra mile. Kudos can be given based on customer feedback, or be awarded by a field representative or manager.

5. Design an Incentive Program that Drives Performance Improvement

Incentive programs are a great way of getting agents focused on achieving results and striving to meet targets.

6. Host a Red Carpet Awards Night Each Year

A red carpet awards night is a fantastic social event to celebrate excellent performance within a call center. It gives agents an opportunity to let their hair down and receive formal recognition in front of their peers.

7. Display High Flyers on 'Wall of Fame'

A wall of fame allows top agents to be showcased in front of the whole team; "Staff love to have their names up on the wall!"

8. Ask Call Center Agents what they Want

Maybe you're getting it all wrong in the incentives and prizes so why not ask the agents themselves what they would like to get as a reward, perhaps they would like an extra few days of annual leave or a monetary bonus instead of what you had in mind.

9. Peer Nomination

Allow agents to nominate their peers for awards or recognition and ask them to give specific examples of why the person should be recognized. This may be helpful for recognizing leaders under the radar and good team players who are great at building relationships.

10. Daily Team 'Check-Ins' or 'Stand-Ups'

Daily check-ins is where all members of the team huddle together for a small few minutes with each individual describing how they are getting on; what challenges and successes they have experienced. This allows everyone to get a sense of how others are doing. These are sometimes called 'Stand-Ups' as people stand up away from their desk.

11. Floating Trophies

Use floating trophies in the call center which agents and supervisors can nominate agents to receive. The trophies can sit on the agent's desk for a week.

12. Reward Low Performers

Low performers must be appreciated too, not everyone is a goal scorer and many of the middle of the road "performers" may have other skills that they aren't necessarily assessed on but which make a positive contribution to the team such as helping fellow colleagues, organizing social outings, cracking jokes. Low performance may be out of the control of an agent too for example poor technology or a lack of training so it would be unfair to fail to recognize their good behavior.

13. Reward Calendar of past and present

While we all appreciate recognition too often it's quickly in the rear-view mirror and forgotten about. A calendar is a great way of reminding folk about past achievements so that they aren't a distant memory!

14. Transparent & Fair Reward Programs

Reward programs are a wonderful concept however they loose their glossiness if it's unclear to employees how they work and how agents can earn rewards. Ensure systems are fair to all staff so that there is a level playing field and that gives everyone an opportunity to secure rewards.

15. Celebrate Quick Wins and Small Achievements

In a challenging environment its even more important to celebrate the small successes; a call center is anything but easy so ensure that you stress the importance of patting yourself on the back.

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