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It's a constant battle to engage employees in call centers. This blog looks at how you can engage your staff by focusing on agents.

Voice of the Call Center Employee

Allow staff to get involved in the creative process by using their suggestions for improving quality in designing or redesigning processes. Give call center agents the opportunity to test new processes and gain feedback for improvements from them. Employee engagement doesn’t have one agreed upon and widely accepted definition however an important element that is never left out is “two-way communication”. Two-way communication occurs when both employers and employees communicate with one another, speaking and listening on both sides. So employee engagement will only exist when employers are willing to listen to their staff.

Engage Employees in Call Centers with Self-evaluation Performance Forms

By giving agents the responsibility to score their own performance and behavior with customers means they are instantly more accountable. Self-evaluation enforces agents to consider the most important aspects of call handling and gives them the opportunity to adapt their behavior by themselves. Self-scoring demonstrates the trust that superiors have with their agents. Often employees are more critical on themselves as they may understand their job better than their manager. An additional bonus to self-scoring is that it can reduce analysts’ scoring time and increase self-directed learning.

Brainstorming Ideas Together

Implementing a suggestion box is not enough to engage employees, most often they are just used for complaints. Hosting a workshop to get agents to brainstorm ideas allows agents to debate the merits and flaws of suggestions using personal experiences. Agents can openly discuss pitfalls in a safe environment and demonstrate how they have overcome these in the past, a sure fire way to engage employees in call centers!

A Program for Recognizing Call Center Employees

Recognize the ‘WOW’ moments of exceptional performance your call center agents produce by awarding points, medals or gold stars. Set up a program where they can trade their tokens in for various rewards such as time-off, vouchers, etc. Ensure there is a clear understanding of what defines earning a token to avoid tension and skepticism. Clarity will ensure the awards serve as an incentive.