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Is there anything that frustrates you more than when you have a busy workload and the internet crashes, or your computer slows almost to a halt or when data isn't syncing properly? Technology is emotive; it has the power to delight and destroy your teams' morale. Employees will naturally be more engaged if the technology they work with delights them and helps them improve their performance in work.

Technology to provide Immediate Performance Scores

Agents can engage with feedback from their performance better when the evaluation is based on activity that took place recently as they can easily recall the incidence and any situational factors will be ‘top of mind’. Situational factors might be under staffing, misunderstanding, end of shift, etc. Call center agents can change their behavior immediately upon the critique given in the assessment. In this way continuous improvement in behavior becomes integral to their routine. The Ascent “Quality Practices Report” highlighted the time gap between evaluation and employee feedback as a significant inhibitor to driving quality improvement so by giving call center agents access to their performance results immediately the time barrier is eliminated.

Technology that gives Open and Visible Assessment

Engaging call center agents through performance assessment can often be difficult. Attaching customer calls, emails and chats to quality scorecards used for assessing performance creates an open and visible environment for assessing performance which agents can trust. As well as allowing the agents to view the scorecards themselves allows for transparency in evaluation. Agents are more engaged when they understand what exactly they are being monitored on and when they can pinpoint fail points and kudos moments. Agents should also be made aware of weightings and fail-all sections to enhance understanding.

Employee Scoring Trends

Engage call center agents by giving them access to their performance scoring trends overtime, they can use the information to challenge themselves and create goals. It also helps to have a reference point for them to see progress.

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