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MD of Scorebuddy, Derek Corcoran, will be presenting Best Practice tips to Quality Assessment for Contact Centres.

The keynote speech takes place in the People and Technology Solutions Theatre at 2pm on the 1st and 2nd of October at the Customer Contact Expo in the Olympia, London.

Derek Corcoran is the founder of Scorebuddy and parent company Sentient Solutions and has worked in the contact centre industry for more than two decades. Derek alongside the team in Scorebuddy have worked researching Quality Assessment with customers, industry experts and the contact centre community online and offline for the last 2 years which has resulted in a special Best Practice Guide to Quality Assessment for Contact Centres handbook, Derek will present the findings during the presentation.

“Most contact centres have a common objective; to improve the quality of customer service they provide. The guide condenses the task of designing and refining a quality framework that is entirely aligned with the organisational goals of a business. It includes practical elements like step by step guides and templates as well as ‘bigger picture’ thinking narratives. It gives contact centre professionals all the tools they require to succeed in building a QA framework and methodology that delivers for everyone; agents, quality analysts, contact centre managers and customers.” – Derek Corcoran, Scorebuddy MD.

He will discuss why Quality Assessment is now a regular at the board meeting, the real benefits a robust QA system has and identifies the key criteria to consider when setting up or adapting your QA system.

@score_buddy will be live tweeting from the presentation using the hashtag #ScorebuddyCCExpo14

Every attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Scorebuddy’s Best Practice Guide to Quality Assessment handbook.

Special Guests

On October 1st Derek will be joined by the Quality Manager in Agilisys; Carrina Erdos. Carrina will be discussing the Quality Framework Agilisys have in place and in particular the Quality Assessment. She will outline the impact it has made on their business since implementation in following ways;

    • Customer service improvement


    • Winning new business


    • Improved performance


    • Saving time


    • Eliminating pain points


    • Increased transparency


    • Engaging agents


    • Value for money


  • Return on investment