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Export to Excel


Export tables to excel for additional analysis allowing the user top carry out more detailed analysis.

Download entire client data

Download all or some of your data to your hard drive for archiving and data retention purposes. Scorebuddy allows you to selectively archive scorecards as a PDF document,  zip up the attachments and store on your desktop.

3rd Party Data Integration

Overall call centre performance is the sum of many different metrics but quality is increasingly 'the' key call center performance metric. Using the data integration add on module schedule a secure export for integration into your in house business intelligence platform.


Nice Performance Manager

If you currently use Nice Performance Manager for Business intelligence, you can export the quality scores from Scorebuddy and use the pre-built connector available from Nice to import the results and consolidate them with other metrics to give a complete view of Performance.




Use tried and tested tools in SalesforceCRM to import the scorecard data and encorporate into dashboards and customer reports. SalesforceCRM provides two tools for data migration—the Import Wizard and the Apex Data Loader.

The Import Wizard is designed for less-technical users and smaller, simple imports of up to 50,000 records. It takes you through the process step by step and displays error messages to alert you to potential record duplications ("dupes").

The Apex Data Loader is used for complex imports of any size. It's for technical users only. You'll need access to the API to use this tool, which is included with Enterprise and Unlimited Edition.

The table to the right summarizes the difference between the two tools. The team at Scorebuddy will assist SalesforceCRM users to export the quality results into the SaleforceCRM environment.