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New research carried out by Call Center IQ showed that QA metrics for calls were the most popular metrics for measuring agent performance in contact centres with 71% of respondents stating they used it.

This is not surprising considering other research we reported on recently that echoed the prominence of quality scores on agent performance due to agents having full control over this metric, which cannot be said for other metrics.

Impact of QA Metric Scores on Agent Performance

Agent performance can be greatly enhanced when agents are engaged with their quality scores and understand what they are being scored on and why. Giving agents access to real-time quality scores can allow them to adapt behaviour immediately rather than having to wait until the end of the month for their review.

Did you know Scorebuddy measures agent performance by scoring quality?

Call Efficiency in Contact Centres is Quality Monitoring Relabelled

The other prominent metric; call efficiency reminds me of a fantastic point highlighted by Junaid Sarwar over a discussion on LinkedIn questioning whether the focus of AHT was harming quality scores. Junaid said that overlooking AHT wasn't a good idea but to get really great balance and benchmark quality "just listen to the calls of "High Quality Low AHT" CSR's and compare it with the call observations of "High Quality High AHT" CSR;s. You will notice that bottom performers follow some non value add steps on the call which top performers dont."


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