How to Empower Your Contact Center Manager and C-Suite

Fact: On average, more than half of customers will defect–leaving a company flatly–based on bad customer experiences, without ever telling the company why. And that number is poised to grow as we look to 2018 and beyond. The bottom line is that customer service is..

Curbing Burnout in Call Center Agents

Burnout is a problem for many workers, regardless of job title. But when your front-line agents experience this malaise, it creates challenges for your business. 

Feeling disconnected and disengaged typically leads to declining performance, risking your reputation..

Are Your Call Center Agents Excited About Your Company’s Mission?

You're probably in a leadership role because you have genuine enthusiasm for your business. Its mission is probably near and dear to you, whether you inherited it when you came on board the company, or whether it was your inspiration that brought it to life. But do..

3 Reasons Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecards are Essential

Today’s customers have more choices than ever before. The credit card industry provides a good example. During just one month in 2016, providers sent out 381 million credit card offers. The range of options is virtually incomprehensible, and switching is usually no..

11 Best Practices for Call Center Quality Assurance: how to ensure an optimal customer experience

When it comes to call center quality assurance, the central issue for most organizations isn’t why it needs to be a focus. It’s well known that the phone is considered the most frustrating customer service channel by US internet users, and it’s equally well known..

Defining the Strategic Call Center QA Framework

In the journey from an operational, to a tactical, and finally, strategic quality assurance (QA) framework, call centers evolve and grow from using QA to address day-to-day short-term operational issues to meeting your organization’s long term business goals.

Defining the Tactical Call Center QA Framework (Blog #3 in a Series)

Definition of Tactical,

In sports, tactics are plans made before the start of a game, to play against your opponent’s weaknesses and to your team’s strengths. 

We prefer the more managerial definition;

Defining the Operational Call Center QA Framework (Blog #2 in a Series)

Call center quality assurance (QA) is, by its very nature difficult to understand, measure, and improve upon. While quality assurance is centered on positive growth, the remaining challenge is that call center success (or failure) can often be subjective.

7 Simple Tips for Designing Call Center Agent Incentive Programs

Working as a call center agent can seem like a tedious, thankless job. In some cases, agents spend hours talking with people who don’t want to be on the phone any more than the agents themselves do. Even in the best circumstances — where customers are calling to..

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